Make an

What is corporate fitness?

Healthy and motivated employees are key to ensuring a company’s success and competitiveness. Promoting health in innovative companies is now part and parcel of this. A regular exercise program for employees can help to boost motivation and improve the working environment.

I would be pleased to create a personalized fitness program tailored to your needs.

Win-win situation

...for the company
Increased productivity
Fewer sick days
More pleasant working atmosphere
Reinforced team spirit
More appealing company image
Tax advantages
Stronger connection to the company


...for the employees
Stronger cardiovascular system
Reinforced team spirit
Targeted prevention of musculoskeletal disorders
Greater feeling of harmony by actively releasing stress

What I offer

  • Circuit training
  • Back training
  • Team building
  • Relaxation training
  • Group courses
  • Performance analyses
  • One-to-one training for managers
  • Optimization of workplace ergonomics


“In PT-Jones we have found an excellent partner for our initiative to boost employee fitness and health. The training sessions are optimally targeted to the needs and individual fitness levels of our employees. PT-Jones offers a training concept that not only compensates for the problems associated with the sit-down nature of the job, but is also a lot of fun. After just half a year, we have already noticed a positive effect on employee sickness rates. For us as a company, however, the icing on the cake has been seeing a significant improvement in motivation and employee satisfaction.”

K. Matentzoglu, CEO, Celonic AG